Interested in selling an item?

When cleaning out your jewelry box, your closet, your grandma’s attic or that hoarder’s garage, selling your valuables and unwanted or excess merchandise to us is always an option. While we applaud donating, sometimes a person needs or wants some extra cash! Bring in your unwanted and unneeded stuff and sell your items outright for immediate cash-in-hand from King Kong Pawn!

Now we aren’t saying everything you bring in the store we will immediately purchase. Of course we have to evaluate it, research its resale value and make sure we can make money off of it as well. 

Here's what happens:

  • A customer brings in an item and determines he wants to sell it to the shop outright and sever all ownership rights to the item.
  • The pawnbroker determines whether the item is of interest to the shop and if the item is of interest to the store.
  • If the item is of interest, the pawn broker will determine the value of the item. If value is not known, the pawnbroker will consult another expert or conduct on-the-spot research if possible, to determine a value. If more investigation is needed, broker may ask customer to return shortly.
  • If the broker and the customer agree on the value, King Kong Pawn and the customer will enter into a binding contract for the customer to sell the item to the shop.
  • Customer signs sale documents which transfer ownership and customer is given a copy outlining the terms of the sale.
  • Broker distributes the cash amount agreed upon
  • Broker takes possession of the now purchased merchandise
  • Customer leaves store with cash-in-hand and can repeat process as desired!